btc cot report
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Btc cot report

Non-Commercial: This is a mixture of individual traders, hedge funds, and financial institutions. For the most part, these are traders who looking to trade for speculative gains. In other words, these are traders just like you who are in it for the Benjamins! Open interest: This column represents the number of contracts out there that have not been exercised or delivered.

Number of traders: This is the total number of traders who are required to report positions to the CFTC. Those reports show the futures and option positions of traders that hold positions above specific reporting levels set by CFTC regulations. If, at the daily market close, a reporting firm has a trader with a position at or above the Commission's reporting level in any single futures month or option expiration, it reports that trader's entire position in all futures and options expiration months in that commodity, regardless of size.

The aggregate of all traders' positions reported to the Commission usually represents 70 to 90 percent of the total open interest in any given market. From time to time, the Commission will raise or lower the reporting levels in specific markets to strike a balance between collecting sufficient information to oversee the markets and minimizing the reporting burden on the futures industry.

Commercial and Non-Commercial Traders When an individual reportable trader is identified to the Commission, the trader is classified either as "commercial" or "non-commercial. A trading entity generally gets classified as a "commercial" trader by filing a statement with the Commission, on CFTC Form Statement of Reporting Trader, that it is commercially " A trader may be classified as a commercial trader in some commodities and as a non-commercial trader in other commodities.

A single trading entity cannot be classified as both a commercial and non-commercial trader in the same commodity. Nonetheless, a multi-functional organization that has more than one trading entity may have each trading entity classified separately in a commodity.

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Education Commitment of Traders The Commitments of Traders (COT) tool provides a comprehensive and highly configurable graphical representation of the CFTC's report on . Oct 24,  · THE COMMITMENT OF TRADERS (COT) REPORT Open Interest Open interest is the total of all futures and/or option contracts entered into and not yet offset by a transaction, . Apr 16,  · OVERVIEW Showing the Commitments of Traders (COT) report (*) for BITCOIN Positions - CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE (futures only) with COT charts on .