placental lactogen diabetes
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Placental lactogen diabetes a beginners guide to investing uk

Placental lactogen diabetes

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The impaired regulation of PL secretion could contribute to an increased incidence of both growth retardation and fetal macrosomia. Moreover, the dysregulation of PL production during the intrauterine period could affect the metabolic status in adulthood. PL concentration measurement could be useful in the prediction of fetal macrosomia in women with normal oral glucose tolerance test OGTT results or in evaluating the risk of fetal growth restriction, but its application in standard clinical practice seems to be limited in the era of ultrasonography.

Keywords: diabetes; fetal growth; obesity; placental lactogen. Publication types. Ramos-Roman UTSouthwestern. Maternal metabolism adapts to spare the mother from harm on behalf of her developing offspring and major alterations maintain normal glucose tolerance.

Insulin secretion increases during a normal pregnancy to compensate for pregnancy-induced insulin resistance and maintain euglycemia. Women at risk for gestational diabetes have insulin resistance before conception. Gestational diabetes develops when a woman at risk is unable to meet the insulin secretory demands imposed by the additional insulin resistance characteristic of pregnancy.

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